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Jumpstart Your SaaS Sales/People Success Journey with a 6-Week Intensive Certification Program.

Get Direct Mentorship from Industry Leaders, Land Your First Job at India's Best B2B SaaS Startups. We Train, Coach & Place You as a SaaS Sales/People Success Pro.

Pay only after landing a job at 5 LPA or higher.


Unlock your potential as a SaaS professional with our tailored 6-week training program.

SaaS sales

Supercharge your sales success in the SaaS industry with our comprehensive program. Gain the skills & knowledge needed to excel in today's fast-paced digital landscape.
Our transformative program empowers sales folks to adapt, thrive, & surpass targets.
Stay ahead of the curve, exceed expectations & achieve sales excellence.

SaaS People Success

A dynamic People Success program designed to bridge the gap between theory & practice. Master recruitment, performance management, employee engagement, & more, while cultivating a positive work culture. Gain a competitive edge, unlock exciting opportunities, & embark on a successful People Success career with us.

Who can benefit from this accelerated learning program?

Anyone who is willing to take their career to next level or trying to break into SaaS Sales/People Success. 



Those who are willing to build their career in SaaS industry can join ScillSurge


Individuals in the B2C sector

People working in B2C companies, trying to make a switch to B2B SaaS can join ScillSurge


Professionals across various sectors

Folks in Customer Success roles trying to make a switch to Sales/HR domain

Working With the Best 
Modern Startup

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Elevate your team's expertise.
Upskill your employees to excel in SaaS Sales/People Success.

Get in Touch

Get your questions answered about upskilling with Scillsurge.

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